Victor Castanera’s Velar Lounge Chair Inspired by the Latest Range Rover

Victor Castanera’s Velar Lounge Chair Inspired by the Latest Range Rover

Barcelona-based designer Victor Castanera completed a collaboration with Land Rover where five European designers were asked to create an object that was inspired by the new Range Rover Velar. Castanera’s contribution is the Velar lounge chair, which was inspired by “the proportions and the duality of dimensions and shapes that Velar has between the body and the cabin of the car.”

While the seat and the back are constructed of the same material, the two components are made in entirely different ways. The seat is made from solid ash wood with a fairly flat base that curves up to create the sides of the chair. The back is a bent wood veneer that appears thinner for a more delicate look. Much like the Range Rover Velar, the chair’s design is complex with careful attention paid to every detail.

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